Sazaby League co.,ltd.
Brand Identity / RE-BRANDING

Gathering Incでは、サザビーリーグ・グループが展開するセレクトショップ、およびそのオリジナルブランドであるAnd Aと今回新たに加わったSTANDARDラインのブランドビジュアルアイデンティティをリデザインしました。
Gathering Inc has designed a select shop ”And A" developed by the Sazaby league group and a brand visual identity of the original brand. 
Based on the concept of "fusing multicultural culture and creating new value", music, books, designs, arts, fashion, etc. ... designs representing "new sensation" that mixes every genre and culture regardless of domestic and overseas It is getting.
AND A Brand Identity

We design the visual which put all the parts of land tag design into one as image visual. Each brand / size tag, Pisnames are all separated from here and used.