The correct color for use in the BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS logo is shown below.
BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS black should be used only when second color is available and appropriate. It is intended to be used only on white or a light value netural color backgroud. black should not be used with other bright  saturated colors, or medium and dark value colors, as they will dilute the effectivenessand impact of the black. 
Further guidance for the use of the logo in various color situations is contained on the manual.The examples shown below illustrate acceptable uses of the  BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERSt logo­ type in various situations.White Background, 
Against a white background the logo­ may be shown in B&B colors and black.Black or Very Dark Value Background Against a black or very dark color background , the logo should always be shown in white.