symbol *secondary use"
The examples shown below illustrate acceptable uses of the FROM TABLE logo­ type in various situations.White Background-.Against a white background the logo­ may be shown in black, orange. Black or Very Dark Value Background-.Against a black or very dark color background , the logo should always be shown in white.
Typeface - Script
Signerica Fat is the most important family of type in the FROM TABLE Unified Visual Communications System.Signerica Fat is used in combination with the logotype to form the fundamental elements of identification.In addition , this typeface can be used in numerous media and in a variety of situations to create a clean and con­ temporary visual program. The cursive san-serif letterforms make it extreme­ly legible, even at very small sizes.Headings which accompany Signerica Fat text settings are set in Signerica Fat Medium.Incertain situations Signerica Fat Heavy may be an appropriate alter­native. Headings are set in upper and lower case.