GatheringではTHE NORTH FACEが設立した子供向けのアウトドアスクールのビジュアルアイデンティティーをデザインしました。
This logo is the central element in THE NORTH FACE KIDS NATURE SCHOOL’s visual communications system. Through consistent and repetitive use as a signature device and design element in all of KNS’s visual communications, the logo becomes a visual shorthand which identifies the Agency and symbolically embodies its activities, achievements and goals.
The logo should never be altered or distorted in any way. It must not be re-drawn, but rather reproduced photographically from reproduction artwork included in this manual.
We designed a logo for "KIDS NATURE SCHOOL by THE NORTH FACE"
TNF KIDS NATURE SCHOOL Logo: Use of Color​​​​​​​
The correct color for use in the KNS logo is shown below. Full color KNS should be used only when second color is available and appropriate. It is intended to be used only on white or a light value natural color background. OEF  blue should not be used with other bright saturated colors, or medium and dark value colors, as they will dilute the effectiveness and impact of the OEF blue. Further guidance for the use of the logo in various color situations is contained on the manual.
The examples shown below illustrate acceptable uses of the KNS logo­ type in various situations. White Background Against a white background the logo­ may be shown in black.