Gatheringではサザビーリーグの運営する神楽坂のライフスタイルショップ「la kagu」のオリジナルメンズブランド「HUNDREDSON」のブランドロゴをデザインしました。
HUNDRED 「百」とSON「息子」を組み合わせた造語のブランド名に込められたフィロソフィーを、HUNDREDSONの間に区切をいれることでビジュアル化しています。

Gathering designed the brand logo of the original mens brand "HUNDREDSON" of lifestyle shop "la kagu".In order to visualize the philosophy contained in the brand name of the coined word made by combining "HUNDRED" and "SON", we visualize it by putting a separator line between HUNDRED and SON.
lakagu Mens Apparel Label

This logo is the central element in HUNDREDSON’s visual communications system. Through consistent and repetitive use as a signature device and design element in all of HUNDREDSON’s visual communications, the logo becomes a visual shorthand which identifies the Agency and symbolically embodies its activities, achievements and goals.The logo should never be altered or distorted in any way. It must not be re-drawn, but rather reproduced photographically from reproduction artwork included in this manual.

HUNDREDSON Woven & printeed Label