We make branding and design brand identity and packaging of the  functional power cosmetic brand "Sortal" specialized in cleansing and facial cleansing prescribed with 100% main ingredient derived from natural main ingredients.​​​​​​​
Soltarでは背伸びをしない自然体なスタイルをブランディングの基軸としました。その基軸に則り、Soltar もグッドバランスで自然体であることを大切にデザインされています。
We used a natural style that does not stretch out as the basis of branding. In keeping with its foundation, Soltar is also well-designed to be a good balance, natural body.
Through the ruler called "Good Balance" which is really necessary, and its value and price are appropriate, we narrow down the necessary elements and realize reasonable generations.
By pursuing cleansing and facial cleansing and a simple product line-up, we aim to be a reliable brand with high practical utility.
What is important is that all people who share the Millennial generation and their values can be truly own self through our brands.
Typeface - Moderat Bold
Moderat is the most important family of type in the Solar Unified Visual Communications System. 
Moderat Bold is used in combination with the logotype to form the fundamental elements of identification.In addition, this typeface can be used in numerous media and in a variety of situations to create a clean and con­ temporary visual program. 
The cursive san-serif letterforms make it extreme­ly legible, even at very small sizes.
Mineral Cleansing Soap